Meat Sauce

Meat Sauce


The meat sauce Bella Tradizione, by definition, distinguishes from any other product on the market. The meat concentration is about 60/70% because the meat sauce isn’t a sauce, but a real concentrate of taste. The use of tomato sauce is limited to give space to the tomato paste, a key factor along with the Droga Torino (spice increasingly scarce) of the cooking from Emilia during the immediate post-war era, a period in which the tomato sauce didn’t exist. The meat sauce Bella Tradizione will recall you a past made of true tastes where the organic concept was unnecessary.

The matching suggested by Isabella:

Fresh tagliatelle or raviolini of meat and vegetables Bella Tradizione, both solutions are craft, made with fresh eggs and bronze working for an astonishing result.

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A true concentrate of taste and flavor.
Available in three sizes: Small 165 gr, Medium 270 gr, Large 315 gr.

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Grande 315 gr, Medio 270 gr, Piccolo 165 gr


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