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Our history

Our is a history of family, tradition and ancient flavours which they pass on from father to son.

A history made of experience and passion which leads us to create a strong and well-known identity over time.

The passion for the cooking and the love for our land allow us to devote completely at the selection, preparation and sale of the local typical products. We have always been attentive to the quality of our products, we aim to reach the excellence every day.

Our is a special land, at the borders of the Tosco-Emiliano Apennine, in the province of Parma. A territory rich of values, composed of farmers and countrymen.
For this reason, we try to keep every day the taste of the tradition in our products.

Our proposals are born from a bet: to carry the tastes and the naturalness of our tradition beyond our borders.

The business:

from little shop to company

The business is born in 1982 when our family, going back from the United Kingdom, after over 20 years of experience in the catering, we decided to open the first business: a grocer’s shop with a particular attention for the commercialisation of the Porcino mushroom.

Through the years, the business, in spite of the little dimensions, is able to grow so much that in 1993 there is a first expansion. The little mushrooms shop moves, remaining in the old town of Bedonia but considerably increasing its dimension until to be one of the businesses more well-known of the country.

The continuous growth lead us in the summer of 2000 to open the actual supermarket, with a complete butchery section but, above all, with the expansion of the gastronomy section both in the sweet sector and the salted one, while always maintaining a big tradition in the sale of the Porcino mushroom, which, meanwhile, has had a huge success thanks to the PGI awarding all over the world.

Much of the company success is attributable to the management abilities of the Mariani family and to Mrs Isabella‘s particular cooking talent, that even today she represents the tradition of Bedonia through her recipes.